Selecting The Right Make Up

Selecting The Right Make Up

Going into party, meeting with new people is common in our day to day life. When you meet new people, you must have to look confident so that you can behave normal. For having confident, you have to look beautiful and charming. Make up is the only think that will help you t look more and more attractive and beautiful. Apply simple make up on your face with light shade of foundation and moisturizer. If you have applied large amount of foundation, you will completely look white and will affect your look. So, use light shade in less amount.

On the other side, teeth also plays very major role in makeup. If you have spent lot of money on your makeup and did not have white teeth, then you have wasted your money. Believe it or not, but white teeth are too much effective thing while talking to others. It also shows your makeup skills. So, while putting makeup on your face, you should also aware about your teeth. Flossing on brushing on daily basis is the common thing for whitening teeth. Here, we also have provided some tips that will make the teeth look whiter. For having flawless smile, use simple tips and get whiter teeth in few days.

Simple tips for having attractive and smiley makeup:

  • Use a palm toned lipstick: whenever you apply orange or red lipstick on your lips, it will give yellow or other kind of reflection and teeth will look yellowish. So, get light shade of palm tone and apply it on your lips. It will add mature shine to your teeth.


  • Make your eyes that will say everything: make eyes your focal point so that these will attract people towards you with their glossy and charming look. Apply cool toned colors of eye shadows like purple, blue and silver that will add sprinkle to your eyes.


  • Brush on a light: everyone wants white teeth so you have to do care for your teeth. You have to do brushing on regular basis with bronze shade that will reflect amazing light when you smile.


  • Contour the curves of your mouth: shape of your mouth is also affecting your shape of your lips and smile. So, do not give a big smile and always have smiley face. Use lip liner to highlight the lines of your lips. Instead of lip liner, you may also choose concealer to apply on lips line.


  • Ditch gold tone gloss: do not apply on your face which has golden shade. When light reflects on your face, golden shade will provide bad look and your complete makeup will waste. So, use silver or bronze shade shimmer on your complete face when your makeup is over.


  • Get one of best tan: apply best tanning or white lotion cream on your face which has shining sprinkle. It will add glossy look to your teeth because of reflection.


For having beautiful and attractive smile, use above given tips when you go for party or you have to meet with new people.

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