How to Prepare for Your Second Marriage

How to Prepare for Your Second Marriage

Getting married a second time can’t be that hard can it? I mean, you’ve already gone through it once; surely it will be easier, right? On the contrary! Sure, you have some extra experience, but a second marriage has its own additional complications. Here are a few steps to prepare yourself for your second marriage:

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Take Your Time

Second marriages can be tougher than the first, initially. You may find yourself having insecurities from your first marriage echoing into the second; a fear that your new spouse will turn out somewhat like the first. This is a perfectly natural response to your situation. Do not rush headstrong into a new relationship. Give each other a little space and some extra patience as well as your love.  Remember that this is just as difficult for them as it is for you. As time goes by, you will notice the insecurity getting smaller and smaller. If you remain vigilant, one day you will get to experience the extraordinary bliss that is a perfect second marriage, free of any fear!

Be an Open Book

While you may not want to dwell on the past, and so you shouldn’t, there may be times where you may need to open up about your ex, just as your new spouse may need to open up about theirs. This doesn’t mean you need to constantly tell every detail of your previous marriage, but sometimes it is helpful to lay your cards on the table in order to have a fresh start with your new spouse. Talking and admitting the things that occurred before you got together with each other doesn’t make you a bad couple; it makes you a strong couple! A couple that can’t talk to each other usually won’t be able to last long without a confrontation.

Don’t be Bitter

Couple HuggingIf you still hold resentment for your ex when going into a new relationship, you may find that bitterness coming out when you least expect it. Sure, your past relationship failed, but you learned from it, right? You gained experience and matured as a person, didn’t you? So, instead of being bitter, you can use what you’ve learned to make your new relationship that much stronger! Nothing can stop you if you believe in yourself!

Treat Your Spouse Like They are Your First Love

The best thing you can do to make your spouse feel loved is treat them like your first and only love. If you think of them as less than your full love, they will likely notice. If you give them your all regardless of whoever came before them, it will be a strong building block toward becoming the strong invincible couple that you two deserve to be! Never should you compare them with your ex or any other you may have been with. Right in the here and now they are your one and only love! So long as the both of you remember and adhere to that, you will be unstoppable!

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