Common Thoughts of a Bride-to-Be

Common Thoughts of a Bride-to-Be

You’re about to get married! Isn’t that exciting?! Many people have a preset way of thinking about what it would be like to get married. Most single people assume that getting married is the most amazing and incredible thing that could ever happen to you. In many ways this is true; however, there is more to it than that. The resulting reacting for the bride-to-be, for example, is not what everyone would assume. Don’t get me wrong, getting married is awesome, but the events that lead up to the wedding aren’t always so great for her. She often goes through emotional turmoil beforehand. Confused? Let’s lay out a few of the most common reactions for the bride, shall we?

Anxious bride

A Combination of Anxiety and Stress

The most common initial reaction of the bride-to-be is to feel a sense of anxiousness that she can’t explain away. This anxiety causes increased stress just to make matters worse. An inescapable feeling of dread for what is coming and what she might be losing envelops her. Will she ever be Daddy’s little girl again? Will she ever be able to just be free and worry only for herself as she used to be able to? She feels like there is no possible way she could be a good wife. There is even a part of her that fears she and her husband will not work out in the long run. After some time of trying to shut out all these horrible thoughts and feelings, she may consider calling the wedding off. Most of the time, in the end, this does not occur and the wedding goes on. The times where it is called off, it is often never made to be back ‘on’ again; at least not for a long period of time.

Has He Always Been this Irritating?

Irritated BrideAs the wedding day gets close, she may find herself noticing a number of tiny things that her husband-to-be does. For some strange reason, these tiny things begin to annoy her profusely! She begins to point these things out to him and then gets even more irritated when it seems like he is unable to stop all of them at once. Deep down, she knows that she’s perhaps being too picky, but that doesn’t stop her from continually pointing them out.

The End ResultHappy Husband and Wife

So what does she finally think when the day comes. Sure, some still feel anxious and stressed on the day. That’s only natural, right? Once it’s all over, however, and things start to calm down, she realizes that married life isn’t so bad after all. In fact, she will usually really enjoy life with her husband. All her stress and anxiety was for nothing; or was it? Under no circumstances should she believe that her husband was perfectly fine the whole time. Men are not immune to the fears of growing up either. However, women are naturally more empathetic than men and find it more difficult to cope with the extremeness of their anxiety. So men, when your bride-to-be starts pointing out every time you tap your fingers on the table, you damn-well better quit it!

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